TT-TGC ELEX. Mounting design task for ATLAS page

This page shows studies for TGC electronics mounting.

Triplet table
Triplet layout figure
Doublet table
Doublet layout figure

Triplet Cabling figure inside a sector
Triplet Cabling figure (PS-file 57kB)
Triplet Cabling table
Triplet Cabling table (PSfile)
Triplet Cabling OUSIDE figure
Triplet Cabling OUTSIDE figure (PS-file 219kB)
Triplet Cabling OUTSIDE table
Triplet Cabling OUTSIDE table (PSfile)

PSPACK version 3.5 (Aug/99 + B.J.Y)

pspack design with IDC connector
doublet pspack arrangement
triplet pspack arrangement in a line
triplet pspack arrangement in 2 lines

sub-unit-PSPack with 0.5m (gif) or pdf file for download

PSPack on 1/24 Doublet (gif) or pdf file for download

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