OPAL-dismantling pictures according to its progress

carried out on march/2001

(1) OPAL detector has been opened,

---The far side ,The near side,

--- another far side, --- poiting geomerty of lead glass det.

(1-2) central part of OPAL (1-3) central part of OPAL(another side).

(2) The special chariot ,has beem moved down to the OPAL pit.--- the rear view of the chariot.

--- the top view of the chariot.

(3) close up view of support-structure of the half ring (3-1) and (3-2)

(4) two I-plates have been fixed at the bottom, the orange ones

(5) a leg of the half ring is reconstructed at the surfave

(6) a cross bar at the surface, (6-1), (6-2)

(6-3) to rotate. (6-4) to rotate.

(6-5) move to the support-structure. 

(6-6) being fixed to the support-structure. 

(6-7) to remove the screws on top of the cross bar. 

(7) The cross bar with the support is going down to the pit

(7-1) , (7-2) , (7-3) , (7-4) , (7-5) , (7-6) .

an electric mover receives the cross-bar , (7-8) .

 (7-9)  to pass under the duct.

(8) from the mover to the special chariot, (8-1) ready to hang the cross bar.

 (8-2)  move onto the special chariot.

 (8-3)  fix to the special chariot.

 (8-4)  remove the crane.

(9)  shift the half ring to the OUTSIDE direction (9-1)   a little bit shifted , when this screw is rotaed.

(9-2) more shifted , more shifted at the top.

(10) the cross bar is moving to the half ring.

   (10-1) Herr Mast is watching it.

   (10-2) realy close to.

   (10-3) if they are in line, we can proceed more.

   (10-4) close to the final position.

   (10-5) this time, the plate is not perfectory at the center.

   (10-6) the other side (INSIDE), the hight should be corrected.

(11) to put the pins which will hold the weight of the half ring

   (11-1) a pin (INSIDE) is inserted successfully

   (11-2) another pin (OUTSIDE) is inserted successfully

after inserting another two pins at the top-side, the special chariot pushs up the cross bar to hold the weitht.

(12) to take out the screws which have been holding the weight of the half ring

   (12-1) side screw is taken oput at OUTSIDE

   (12-2) two pins are taken out at INSIDE

   (12-3) a tool(screw) is left at OUTSIDE

(13) to move back the chariot or take out the half ring

   (13-1) 5cm back at OUTSIDE

   (13-2) 20cm back at INSIDE at bottom

   (13-3) 20cm back at INSIDE at top

   (13-4) 120cm back

   (13-5) 200cm back

   (13-6) 300cm back

   (13-7) ART of the half ring -1

   (13-8) ART of the half ring -2

(14) to move the half ring with the cross bar from the special chariot to the support structure

   (14-1) the special hook

   (14-2) to hang up the half ring

   (14-3) move and fix to the support structure

   (14-4) a rear view of the half ring

   (14-5) a side view of the half ring

   (14-6) the crane is out now

(15) The TEAM

   (15-1) A

   (15-2) B

   (15-3) C

   (15-4) D

   (15-5) E

   (15-6) F

   (15-7) G

   (15-8) H

   (15-9) I