Takeshita - Lab. 1995-1999
People and works done

HE- Lab. 2000-
-> High Energy Lab.

1995: under graduated

Harada Tomoya: Single Photon detection

Shirotani Takatomi: Test of Postion sesitive Photomultiplier

Kohama Takeshi: Simulation of electromagnetic-showers in the sampling calorimeter

1996: under graduated

Kaga Shihoka : Simulation of JLC-Calorimeter ( pdf file in Japanese)

Matsumoto : Measurement of charge difraction on TGC chathod

Katagiri : Position detection on a scintillator by a photomultiplier

Yamshita Utsuki: Study on the ABEL for the low energy region

1996: graduated

Hosoda Takashi : Test of TGCs under strong irradiations (11MB ps file in Japanese)

Matsuda Nobuyuki : Detection simulation of intermidiate mass Higgs : a note to summarize this work

1997: under graduated

Kitaka Yasuto : Construction of DAQ system with CAMAC and Dos/V

Nakagawa Tetsuro : Detection of highly charged particles

Matuzaka Yumiko : Detection of stopped muons

1997: graduated

Toeda Takeaki : Test of sampling hadron-Calorimeter ( 5MB ps file in Japanese )

Miyazaki Yoshiyuki : TGC under strong irradiation

1998: under graduated

Miyajima (Iseki ) Akira : Measurement of electron-energy from stopped muon decay (pdf file of 0.8MB in Japanese )

Ichimiya Ryo : Test of Silicon Pad detector (in Japanese of a pdf file)

Enari Yuji : Test of ceramic supports in TGC

Kubo Yukie : Simulation of positronium decay experiment

Kurachi Hiroshi: Neural network and patern-identification

Fujikawa Yae: Construction of VME based DAQ system

Matuzawa Chikako : Real time filtering of sound by DSP

1998: graduated

Kaga Shihoka : Test of tile-fiber calorimeter ( 3.7MB ps file in Japanese )

1999: under graduated

Oshita Hidetoshi : Measurement of dE/dx for the stopped muons

Kouno Masaki : Neural network and quark-gluon identification

Totsuka Masayoshi : Simulation of traffic flow with an new idea

1999: graduated

Miyajima Akari: Construction of TGC and its improvements. (a pdf of 9MB file )

Furukwa Keitarou : Test of tile-fiber hadron calorimeter at high energy

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