Cabling tasks at ATLAS TGC


various tasks on the cabling of ATLAS_TGC will be desrcibed here

0. cabling at first

1. cabling between M2 and M3

2. : Taklevsky's presentation at the muon layout meeting june/2002. A picture of 400kB. It seems to present the service system on the big wheel.

3. Cabling drawings by Alex on a file named " Cable presentation0615.xls "

[1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7],

cable length coparison between Alex calculation and TT'. Since there are two cables for Doublets, you can see two rounds at the same position.

4. cable length and timings for M2 and M3 version P1 Nov/2002 TT table in a pdf

time vs ASD-position plot

5. cable length on M1 by Ishino et. al. vs Alex and TT presentation pictures

6. cable lengthes simulated on M3 @trial summary

7. cable routing figure on M3


8. cable length estimation on MP(pdf) jpeg files 1 , 2 and their namings (png-file) or (Jpeg file) (22/Aug/2003) cable length table in an ASCII file (28/Aug/03)

9. cable tag summary (02/Sep/2003)

10. cabling for M1-1/1 at CERN (30/Oct/2003)

11.  a note to summarize the cabling for M1-1/1 at CERN  of a pdf (30/June/2004)